Ayluna's home spa experience

The modern approach to beauty entails comprehensive self-care. In addition to skincare, emotional balance and maintaining inner energy have become essential components. It's satisfying when all these aspects can be addressed simultaneously. That's why the popularity of home spa experiences, combining cosmetics and wellness, pleasure, and benefit, is on the rise.

AYLUNA cosmetics are based on cold-pressed vegetable oils and extracts from southern flowers, fruits, and herbs. Pomegranate, rose, lavender, argan – each ingredient contributes both functional benefits and a magical atmosphere of an enchanted garden. The product names indicate when it's best to use them – in the morning or evening.

AURORA Activating Line

The AURORA activating line includes a shower gel and body lotion designed to help you start your day with energy. They contain fresh ginger and invigorating lime, providing an excellent vitamin-rich breakfast for your body and soul.

Relaxing and Refreshing Options

In the evening, you can choose from several options for foamy baths. If you want to relax after a hard day, the RELAXING BUBBLE BATH Moonrise with organic lavender is ideal. Before your evening outing, a dose of refreshment won't hurt – the REFRESHING BUBBLE BATH Citrus Felicity with ginger and lime is perfect for that. And if it's damp and cold outside and you want to warm up without catching a cold, the VITALISING BUBBLE BATH Breath of Wind with the fresh scent of organic eucalyptus will come to the rescue.

AYLUNA Shampoos

- Shampoo for Dandruff Wisdom of the Herbs
- Shampoo for Fine Hair Root Power
- Shampoo for Damaged Hair Magic Fruit
- Shampoo for Sensitive Scalps Flower Garden
- Shampoo Shine & Care Blossom Shine

Additional Hair Care

According to Eastern tradition, additional hair care is offered through dry masks. Cassia (colorless henna) is the dried leaves of a shrub that doesn't color the hair but enhances its natural color, enveloping each strand with a radiant sheen.

- Plant-based Hair Treatment Cassia

Ghassoul is a legendary Moroccan black clay that is an essential part of the classic hammam experience. This natural mineral is extracted from the Atlas Mountains. It has a very gentle consistency and a high absorption capacity, effectively absorbing sweat, oil, and any impurities from the skin.

- Ghassoul Cleansing Cream

For intensive repair of damaged and colored hair, there's the "Miracle Tree" hair oil with argan, coconut, and burdock root oil. It seals the hair cuticles, imparting remarkable smoothness, silkiness, and a deep, rich tone to the hair. It can be applied in various ways: all over the hair length, just on the tips, or on the scalp as a mask. It is recommended to use it before washing, leaving it on for 10-30 minutes for deeper effects.

- Wondertree Intensive Hair Oil

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