Tea tree for caring for problematic skin

Problematic, prone-to-breakouts skin requires constant attention. It is necessary to control the activity of sebaceous glands and microorganisms that cause inflammation. At the same time, intense "scrubbing" during washing can provoke redness and peeling.

As is known, acne is caused by a combination of predisposing factors, including high sebaceous gland activity, excessive epidermis keratinization, weakened skin immunity, and rapid proliferation of Propionibacterium, which are present in small quantities on healthy skin.

Significantly reduce the number of inflamed nodules with the help of natural remedies with antibacterial effects. The best friend of problematic skin is Australian tea tree oil. It suppresses the reproduction of unwanted bacteria without causing resistance (as synthetic antibacterial agents do). Tea tree oil contains hundreds of components, and its composition varies slightly, like any natural substance. Therefore, microbes simply cannot adapt to it.

ALKMENE cosmetics contain pharmaceutical-grade tea tree oil. This means that it has a sufficiently high amount of compounds responsible for the antibacterial effect, while the number of components with irritating potential is minimized. Therefore, the action of these cosmetic products is guaranteed but gentle. ALKMENE cosmetics also contain Zinc PCA, a natural zinc compound that regulates sebaceous gland activity and dries up fresh inflammations.

Dermatologists recommend a three-step care routine for acne-prone skin, performed morning and evening.

The procedure begins with gentle but thorough cleansing using Alkmene Deep Cleansing Facial Wash. It is important to remove residues of dust, dirt, makeup, sweat, and skin sebum from the skin's surface. After all, impurities create an increased load on the skin's immunity, which can trigger an inflammatory reaction. Several times a week, you can use Alkmene 3 in 1 Cleansing – Peeling – Mask for cleansing, to free the skin from dead epidermis particles. They can clog the ducts of sebaceous glands, leading to the formation of inflammatory elements or blackheads. This product can also be applied more generously to the skin and left for a few minutes. Thanks to several types of natural clay, it acts as an absorbent mask, pulling impurities from the pores.

After cleansing, it is necessary to restore the optimal acidity of the skin with Alkmene Skin Clarifying Facial Tonic. This optimizes the functioning of the skin and increases its resistance to bacteria. The tonic contains witch hazel hydrosol, panthenol, and allantoin, which soothe inflammation. In addition, a quality tonic creates a pleasant feeling of freshness and prepares the skin for subsequent care.

The main care stage is the application of Alkmene Skin Refining Facial Cream. The modern, gentle formula moisturizes and nourishes the skin, making it more uniform and matte, preventing the appearance of new inflammatory elements, and making traces of old ones less noticeable. According to clinical trials, such a care system reduces the number of inflammations by 91% in 2 weeks.

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