Vitamins and Minerals for Healthy Skin

Oxidative Stress

Free radicals, active oxygen molecules with unpaired electrons that easily engage in oxidative reactions, play a role in some biological transformations. They are essential for protection against pathogenic bacteria. However, exposure to ultraviolet rays, certain resins, and environmental toxins can lead to an excess of free radicals in the body. Uncontrolled cascades of oxidative reactions are triggered, potentially damaging collagen fibers, enzymes, cell membranes, and cell nuclei storing genetic information. Free radicals not only accelerate skin aging but also affect internal tissues, increasing the risk of dangerous formations. The body has its own multilevel antioxidant defense system designed to curb the uncontrolled avalanche of free radical reactions and restore oxidation and reduction processes to equilibrium. However, chronic infections and inflammatory processes disrupt this balance, leading to an excess of free radicals. Prolonged physical and psychological stress has also been proven to suppress antioxidant activity, contributing to oxidative stress. For the antioxidant system to function optimally, the body must receive certain amounts of essential nutrients from food, primarily vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, zinc, selenium, and other nutrients. Specialists have developed special complexes of dietary supplements to enhance antioxidant protection.

Pigments Against Radicals

Colorful fruits and herbs are particularly rich in natural antioxidants. In nature, substances responsible for various colors often help plants protect themselves from intense ultraviolet rays, temperature stress, and dehydration. The natural KINITRO Astaxanthin Plus complex combines three vibrant plants rich in natural antioxidants of different classes:

Red: Haematococcus pluvialis algae containing astaxanthin, which helps the algae endure prolonged periods of drought.
Blue: Bilberries, responsible for their purple-blue color due to anthocyanins, making plants less sensitive to sunlight.
Yellow: Organic mustard seed extract containing the powerful natural antioxidant selenium.

Coenzyme Q10 Protects and Tones

This essential enzyme, involved in numerous biological transformations and often referred to as 'ubiquinone' due to its omnipresence, acts as an antioxidant and enhances the antioxidant potential of vitamin E. Additionally, it is crucial for supplying cells with energy. A deficiency in coenzyme Q10 can slow down metabolic processes, resulting in sluggish metabolism associated with aging. Coenzyme Q10 directly influences skin condition by stimulating collagen formation, preventing the breakdown of elastin fibers, and maintaining dermal elasticity. It also alleviates inflammatory reactions and accelerates wound healing. The KINITRO CoEnzym Q10 plus Vitamin C dietary supplement combines coenzyme Q10 with vitamin C, as both substances have antioxidant effects and participate in collagen fiber synthesis. This formula contains pure stabilized coenzyme Q10 of biotechnological origin and acerola fruit powder, exceptionally high in vitamin C.

Halting Micro-inflammation

Micro-inflammatory processes, causing oxidative stress, often contribute to the premature aging of tissues. Conditions such as skin hypersensitivity or susceptibility to inflammatory breakouts can make the skin appear saggy, dull, and visually older. Essential Omega-3 fatty acids have demonstrated their anti-inflammatory effect. Regular intake helps alleviate micro-inflammations and significantly improve skin texture. Additionally, it optimizes the composition of skin lipids, enhancing the reliability of the skin barrier. While marine fish fat is a common source of Omega-3, the KINITRO DHA Plus Herbal dietary supplement offers an alternative solution: Omega-3 derived from organic microalgae Schizochytrium, making it suitable for strict vegans. Another source of skin inflammation is constant stress. Neurogenic inflammation, gaining attention among dermatologists, emphasizes the usefulness of relaxation techniques, calming teas, deep sleep, and additional magnesium intake - a muscle-relaxing element. The natural Magnesium dietary supplement is a blend of pure magnesium from seawater and nettle powder, exceptionally rich in bioavailable magnesium compounds.

Spirulina for Radiant Skin

The popular superfood, spirulina microalgae, contains numerous bioactive substances contributing to skin renewal. Plant amino acids are involved in collagen synthesis. Beta-carotene provides antioxidant protection, optimizes the maturation of epidermal cells, and heals small cracks. Iron is necessary for transporting oxygen to skin cells. Chlorophyll and phycocyanin are plant pigments with antioxidant and protective functions. To fully experience the benefits of spirulina, attention should be paid to the product's quality. The KINITRO BioSpirulina dietary supplement contains organic spirulina powder grown in an exceptionally clean environment, eliminating contamination from 'wild' algae.


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