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Sanosan is globally recognized for its commitment to the gentle care of mother and baby's sensitive skin using natural ingredients. Our products are designed to support the health of delicate skin with soothing and protective properties.

For over 40 years, Sanosan has been dedicated to improving the health of baby skin with our meticulously crafted formulas. Our products, including essential ingredients like organic olive oil and milk proteins, are developed specifically for the delicate skin of pregnant women, babies, and children up to three years old. This dedication to quality is encapsulated in our brand name, derived from the Latin word "sanus," meaning healthy.

Our vision is clear: to provide the best skin care solutions for newborns, older children, and mothers around the world. We achieve this through sustainable practices, using over 90% natural ingredients that are both effective for the skin and environmentally friendly. Sanosan's commitment extends beyond product formulation to include rigorous German quality control standards and a profound responsibility towards our planet's future.