2023 Trends in Natural Cosmetics



Natural Skinification. Radically new ingredients and innovative technologies are elevating the effectiveness of natural cosmetics to new heights. Modern cosmetics help the skin fully realize its genetic potential and look more impressive than ever before.
Example: NATURALIS Vit C+ - excellent brightening and anti-age products with natural vitamin C and rare Mediterranean extracts.



Baby&Kids. Caring for children's skin is now recognized as a realm of special responsibility. After all, the first years of life lay the foundation for health and beauty for years to come, and many aspects of a person's well-being and social development depend on parental decisions.
Examples: PETIT&JOLIE - a thoughtful natural baby care system created by mothers from the Netherlands. VITALKIND - daily hygiene in the form of play for boys and girls.



Empowerment. Today, cosmetic care is not only about enhancing attractiveness but also an eco-friendly tool for managing emotions, boosting vitality, and improving quality of life.
Example: PRIMAVERA - a series of wellness-aromatherapy products like COMFORT Cold Comfort Organic Breathe Easy Stick, Sleep Comfort Organic Aroma Roll-On, Head Comfort Organic Aroma Roll-On, Fem Comfort Organic Sensitive Intimate Oil, Active Comfort Organic Muscle Comfort Rub.

Less is More. The trend of cosmetic minimalism is equally beneficial for the environment and mental comfort. The fewer ingredients and options, the fewer pollutants and reasons for concern. Quality ingredients and well-thought-out cosmetic formulas provide the skin with everything it needs for optimal functioning.

Example: SPEICK Pure - a line of minimalist cosmetics for sensitive skin without fragrances and dyes. The composition of fruit extracts gently cares for the skin and creates a natural aromatic aura.


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