Essential Oils for Excellent Studying

It is commonly believed that memory, attention, and intellect are governed by the neocortex - the youngest part of the brain responsible for rational thinking. However, cognitive processes are closely linked to the activity of the limbic system - an ancient brain formation responsible for emotions and motivation. Signals from the olfactory center, which recognizes odors, also reach the limbic system. This close connection explains why natural aromas have an instant and profound impact on us.

Recent research proves that using pure natural aromatic substances can significantly enhance the quality of cognitive processes. For instance, lemon essential oil reduces the number of errors in programmers by 54% due to volatile compounds - terpenes, which stimulate the synthesis of the key neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This important substance is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses in the brain and participates in processes of mental concentration, thinking, and memorization.

Specialists from the German aromabrand PRIMAVERA have chosen orange, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils for the aroma blend FOCUS&LEARN. All of them combine stimulating, invigorating properties with a positive influence on the emotional sphere. This means that they not only sharpen the mind, enhance memory, and help maintain focus but also allow doing all of this with joy and pleasure.

Another undeniable advantage of citrus oils is their ability to disinfect the air in a room. In conditions of increased nervous tension, natural immunity weakens, and frequent colds noticeably hinder mental activity. The FOCUS&LEARN aroma blend, created by specialists from PRIMAVERA, features essential oils of orange, lemon, and grapefruit. These oils combine stimulating and invigorating properties with a positive impact on the emotional sphere. This means they enhance mental sharpness, strengthen memory, and aid in maintaining focus, all while providing a joyful and pleasurable experience.

FOCUS&LEARN aroma blend emerged in the German market several years ago and quickly became one of the brand's bestsellers. Today, it remains one of the most popular PRIMAVERA products. Its benefits are appreciated not only by students and young people but also by individuals of older age, as we continue to learn throughout our lives. FOCUS&LEARN is perfect for anyone engaged in intellectual work, handling responsibilities, or working within tight timeframes. This includes managers of large corporations, advertising agency employees, individuals in the media industry, independent entrepreneurs, IT specialists, pilots, and air traffic controllers.

Fresh Lemon

The light terpenes of lemon essential oil (limonene, pinene, linalool, citral, etc.) create a sense of freshness, invigorate the autonomic nervous system, alleviate fatigue, enhance mental efficiency, aid in concentration, clear thinking, and finding suitable expressions. Lemon is particularly beneficial during extended periods of intellectual stress, such as prolonged exams or lengthy negotiations, when exceptional mental endurance is required. Another valuable quality of lemon is its assistance in adapting to changing conditions. It promotes openness and curiosity, enabling flexible and precise responses to any information, even to unpleasant events.

Joyful Orange

Orange oil contains limonene, citral, nerol, pinene, thujone, camphene, and numerous other volatile compounds. Together, they give it a bright, uplifting aroma and strengthening effects. Like lemon, orange belongs to the group of aromatic adaptogens. It possesses antidepressant, warming, and revitalizing effects, reducing anxiety without compromising alertness, enhancing visual acuity, especially during prolonged computer work. Orange is excellent for group activities, as its aroma is pleasing to everyone and creates a collective atmosphere of mental uplift, mutual understanding, and positive mood.

Grapefruit for Concentration

Grapefruit essential oil complements the citrus bouquet in the FOCUS&LEARN aromatic blend. Many of its components (limonene, citral, linalool, pinene, etc.) are akin to those in lemon and orange, but it also contains elements unique to grapefruit, such as geraniol. The cool, slightly bitter notes of the grapefruit aroma set a tone of sobriety and objectivity, aiding in balanced reception of new information. Grapefruit lowers blood pressure, reducing excessive emotionalism, and increases the synthesis of neuropeptides involved in transmitting nerve impulses. Grapefruit essential oil stands out for its powerful immune-modulating ability and pronounced disinfectant action.

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