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I+M Wild Life for Men* Deo Roll-On Lemongras Rosmarin

I+M Wild Life for Men* Deo Roll-On Lemongras Rosmarin

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Effective and long-lasting. Wild Life for Men* Deo Roll-On stops body odour immediately with its natural formula – without aluminium

Skin condition: Dehydrated, Blemish-prone, Combination, Oily, Mature, Dry and Normal

Naturally effective, fresh and aromatic

Wild Life for Men* Deo Roll-On deodorises with its effective formula in best organic quality and refreshing lemongrass unisex fragrance. The sophisticated composition of rosemary, bicarbonate of soda and zinc protects effectively and safely against uninvited odours – without alcohol, aluminium salts or alum

This way, Wild Life for Men* deodorant successfully provides everyone with long-lasting deodorant protection, instantly and at any time

Lemongrass, rosemary and zinc

Rosemary’s antibacterial effect and its tangy, aromatic fragrance complement the citrusy scent of lemongrass. At the same time, sodium bicarbonate and zinc provide mineral deodorant protection from morning to night. Without interfering with the skin’s natural sweat regulation, they neutralise and deodorise even body odour that has already developed. The Wild Life for Men* Deo Roll-On quickly leaves your skin feeling naturally fresh

Fresh and well-groomed with natural deodorant protection

The handy deodorant roll-on does way more than just freshen up your armpits. The sensitive underarm skin is gently nurtured with valuable fair-trade almond oil. Vitamin E promotes wound healing, perfect after shaving. Aloe vera soothes it at the same time. As a deodorant roll-on, the environmentally friendly glass roller is also immediately on hand to provide every armpit with ideal care – from morning to night

* Cares for each and everyone beautifully

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